Craft the Perfect SBA Business Plan with Our Experts!

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Craft the Perfect SBA Business Plan with Our Experts!

Are you looking to start or expand your small business using an SBA loan? A well-written SBA business plan is crucial for securing financing from the Small Business Administration. With the help of our business plan SBA professionals, you can present a polished plan to lenders and obtain funding.

Why You Need an SBA Business Plan

The SBA requires a comprehensive business plan for several of its loan programs. Your business plan shows lenders that you have carefully evaluated your business concept and demonstrates that you have the skills and planning abilities to succeed. Key elements that the SBA looks for include:


  • Feasibility of your business idea – Market research, competitive analysis, and financial projections.
  • Your management capability – Your experience, education, and track record running a business or managing others.
  • Thorough planning – In-depth operational details proving you know how to execute your concept.


Without a polished SBA loan application, you are much less likely to get approved for an SBA loan. SBA specialists can help you craft an business plan that meets all the SBA’s lending requirements.

End-To-End Business Planning Solution

We offer an end-to-end business planning solution tailored specifically to SBA loan requirements. These include:


  • Experienced business plan writers – Our team has prepared successful plans for SBA lending for over a decade.
  • Custom-crafted for your business – We take the time to understand your business model and create a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Sections required by the SBA – We include all standard chapters and financial documents required for SBA lending.
  • Polishing for professional presentation – We fine-tune your plan for a polished, professional look and easy readability.
  • Ongoing support and revisions – We continue to support your plan with updates and revisions until you secure financing.

The Business Plan Sections We Prepare

Our business plan for SBA loan cover all the standard sections that lenders look for. These include:

Executive Summary

We’ll prepare a summary of your business highlights, management team, and growth opportunities to capture lenders’ interest upfront.

Company Description

Detailed overview of your company structure, history, location, legal details, and overall vision.

Market Analysis

A thorough analysis of your industry outlook, target market, competitive landscape, SWOT analysis, and how you’ll differentiate your business.

Products and Services

Description of your product and service offerings, suppliers, production abilities, quality control, and future offerings.

Marketing and Sales

Explain your marketing plan, sales strategy, lead generation, customer acquisition costs, and projections.

Financial Plan

Historic financials plus three to five-year financial projections, including startup costs, profit/loss, cash flow, balance sheet, and funding requirements.


Supporting documents, including licenses, permits, lease details, owner resumes, and more.



Let’s get started on your SBA business plan template! With our experts’ help, we can deliver a polished plan tailored exactly to your business. With an SBA-approved business plan in hand, you can confidently approach lenders and secure the financing to start or grow your small business.



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